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​7 March 2018
Planning Application

Caernarfonshire Crown Slate Quarries (CCSQ) operated by Welsh Slate have submitted a planning application for Moel Tryfan and Alexandra quarries. It appears to be related to extraction and processing. The permitted loads per day remain at four. The application reference number is C18/0125/17/MW and can be viewed on Gwynedd Council's Track & Trace by entering the reference number.​

3 February 2018
Village Improvement - Disappointing News for Y Fron

Disappointingly our Lottery People & Places application for the outside spaces in Y Fron was unsuccessful. On this occasion there was no invitation to resubmit and it was suggested we look for other funders. After five years of work, during which so many of you have supported and stuck by us, it is deflating to say the least.
However, we will persist and when our other Lottery project, Canolfan Y Fron, is up and running we will look for new sources of funding. If we can do that we will start the process all over again. The technical bits like plans, surveys and Deed will remain valid so that will help. Thank you for your patience over the course of this project - and what is to come.

25 January 2018
Bus Service

We have received a response from Gwynedd Council to our letter of 23rd December 2017 regarding the reduction of the local 1F bus service. They apologised for the delay in responding and explained the reason for the reduction and their intent to improve the service in the near future. The Express Motors situation earlier in 2017 led to the company having its operating licence revoked. The revocation was deferred until the end of December 2017 to allow the company to ‘restructure’ as a smaller company, under new management, and apply to the Traffic Commissioner for an operating licence. A decision was expected before the original Express Motors licence came to an end, but in mid-November it was announced that the Traffic Commissioner’s decision would not be made until after a Public Enquiry on 17th January 2018. This left a huge void in the number of bus service operators available to Gwynedd Council and led to the overall reduction in services. It would seem that the services will only improve if the reformed Express Motors is granted a licence.

13 January 2018

The Police have informed us that there is a resurgence of illegal off-roading, mainly motorcycles, which is causing considerable damage to parts of Uwch Gwyrfai Common and extending into the National Park. The damage is probably more obvious because of the wet weather we have had over the last few months. The Police have asked that all residents report any sightings of off-roading activity by calling the non-urgent 101 telephone number. Time, date and description of the activity will help the Police case for additional resources.

Some facts:

  • Driving motorised vehicles on common land without the landowner's specific permission is an offence.
  • Vehicles driven on common land must be insured and, if required, hold a valid road fund licence.
  • The driver must hold a valid driving licence for the vehicle.
  • The activity must not be a ‘nuisance’or a danger to the public.
  • Interpretation of the term ‘nuisance’ can be made by a police officer.
  • A public highway is not restricted to a tarmacked road.

12 January 2018
Bus Service

The following is a Press Release issued by Hywel Williams AS/MP and Siân Gwenllian AC/AM
Press Release ▪ Datganiad i’r Wasg
Tuesday January 09, 2018: Immediate Release. View Press Release.

8 January 2018
Committee Meeting

The next Development Group Committee Meeting will be on 25 January 2017 at 6.30pm in Carmel Village Hall. All are welcome to attend - members and non-members.

22 December 2017
Bus Service

Most of you will have seen the new bus timetable, which more than halves the bus service for Fron and adjacent villages and effectively excludes Penygroes. If you don’t have a vehicle you are now ‘confined to barracks’ after 16.15hrs - because you can't get back - or have to spend out on a taxi. There has been talk of the evening and late bus going out to separate tender, but we have had no confirmation of this. We will do our best to convince the Council of our situation and to reinstate some, if not all, of the service – especially the evening busses (see letter). Thank you to those of you who responded and told us why the service is important for you.

16 December 2017
Changes to the local bus service

Gwynedd Council is reviewing local bus frequency and routes, which includes the service for Y Fron. The changes will take place in the New Year so there is not much time to present a case for Y Fron users.
If the ‘1F’ service is important for you or someone you know, we need to know as soon as possible so that we can make representation to the Council before Christmas.
Please tell us your name and the times of the service you use and, as concisely as you can, why it is important for you.
Reply by e-mail to or use the ‘Contact Us’ form

8 December 2017
Village Sign

The village sign at the Northern entrance to the village (coming from Rhosgadfan) has broken off its post. It has been a bit lopsided for several years so it maybe the recent high winds finished it off, or, as the post is not vertical, it may have been hit by something. We have asked Gwynedd Council Transportation and Street Care Department to replace the sign. In the meanwhile If anyone has found it, please let us know. 

23 November 2017
Filming in Y Fron

Tomorrow (Friday), Moel Tryfan quarry is being used as a film set for some sort of costume drama. There will be a convoy of vehicles, large and small, going through the village and up through ‘Hogans yard’ on the way to the quarries. We are not sure how long they will be there of if there is a need for ‘extras’.​

30 August 2017

Hog Roast
96 people came to the event and it was a great success. The evening turned a little cool and there was a bit of a delay before we started serving but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was great to see children running around the field and having fun. Thank you to everyone who came and those who helped and Gavin, the Hog Roast man. Use the Facebook link on the left to see pictures of the event.

28 March 2017 Tuesday
Moel Tryfan and Alexandra Quarry
‘Community Liaison Inaugural Meeting’ at Inigo Jones. Our representative was told it was not open to the public but he could stay as an observer as part of Y Fron village committee. Those present were representatives of Gwynedd Council, the Community Council, CCSQ, Welsh Slate, FLJ Media (CCSQ PR) and three councillors from local wards surrounding the Moel Tryfan quarry, including Dilwyn Lloyd. The main topic was quarry traffic timing and frequency. There has been local concern about the amount of traffic. CCSQ now employ Cawley Brothers as their haulage agents and use one articulated vehicle (44 tons laden) and one permanent driver which means eight transits a day (four empty and four laden). The number of loads per day remains at four. Dafydd Gareth Jones (Minerals Officer) said they are unable to restrict any traffic to specific times of the day but CCSQ are, or will be, avoiding peak times in the morning and afternoon. One of the other topics included the ‘water feature’. This turned out to be the building of a wall, at the quarry entrance from the public highway, using and displaying the different products produced at the quarry - one of them would be a water feature. The setting up of an events committee was discussed to organise local activities such as a village fair, plant sales, litter picks, etc. It was decided to poll local residents and ask what they would like to do or happen and then revisit the subject at the next meeting in six months time. Questions from local residents presented prior to the meeting where put by a local councillor. One involved a donation to repair a damaged wall, and another was to ask if CCSQ would prosecute any person who constructed ‘works’ on common land.

19 March 2017
Moel Tryfan and Alexandra Quarry

Activities and Quarry Traffic
There is a meeting on 28 March 2017, from 14.30 to 17.00hrs, at the Inigo Jones building, chaired by the Senior Minerals and Waste Planning Officer, to:
“Provide a forum for discussion of local concerns relating to the operation of Moel Tryfan and Alexandra quarry. The giving and receiving of information with a view to improving mutual understanding between all parties”
The Development Group will have representation at this meeting. If you are not attending this meeting and have any related concerns we will be happy to put them to the Chairman on your behalf (sensible non-vexatious questions, please).
Please provide your full name and contact details along with your question(s) or comments by using the ‘contact us’ page or e-mail
NOTE: This meeting does not involve the Bryn Fferam quarry operators who use tractors and trailers on a route through our village.

25 November 2016
Slate Trail - Quarries "Stuff & Stories" Event

The evening of 24 November went very well with over twenty people providing stories and photographs about the quarries in and around Y Fron. All this information will be included in a narrative about slate and quarries in North Wales and will be part of an "app" for smart phones and tablets to be used by walkers as they go on the Slate Trail. 

29 October 2016

Village Public Telephone Box
We have not received any objections to the removal of the telephone box so we will not be making any representations to BT.

6 October 2016
Village Public Telephone Box
BT have issued a notice saying they intend to remove the telephone box, at the crossroads, because it is rarely used. We have around 10 to 14 days to lodge an objection to its removal.
Do you object?
If yes, please contact us with your reasons. We will need a substantial number of objections to override BT's action. Please spread the word!

7 October 2016
There are unconfirmed reports from residents in Carmel that over the last week, in the early hours of the morning, someone has been going from house to house trying to open front doors. We have no other details.

30 September 2016

Pumped Hydro-Electric Scheme
Recently, an unsigned 'flyer', from an unknown source, was delivered to some households in Y Fron. The 'flyer' stated that discussions were taking place regarding a pumped hydro electric scheme between Moel Tryfan and Twll Ballast in the Dorothea complex which would involve tunnelling under Y Fron. Such a scheme would be similar to the Glyn Rhonwy project in Llanberis (plenty of information on the internet).

We have spoken to the Managing Director of the company concerned, Quarry Battery Company Limited and its subsidiary company, Snowdonia Pumped Hydro Limited, who said they have had some basic discussions with the land owners about quarry conversion to pumped storage. The MD said that to embark on such an ambitious and expensive project in this area would require careful consideration of the history of the area and the risk elements. Should, at some time in the future, they decide to get involved in a pumped storage development near Y Fron they would work with the Village Committee and the Community as a whole. 

18 August 2016

RESULTS - Cattle Grid Voting

1 Grid    =  2 votes
2 Grids   = 55 votes
No Grids = 31 votes
Spoilt Votes = 3

17 August 2016

Cattle Grid Voting Forms
After a meeting on Monday 15th August, Llandwrog Community Council have decided they will be counting the cattle grid voting forms tomorrow evening (Thursday 18 August) in Carmel village hall at 7.00pm.
Three Community Council members will count the votes, any numbers on the forms will be cut off, the envelopes will be shredded and the voting forms will be retained by the Community Council. Any voting forms which include suggestions will be copied to the Graziers Association.
Anyone who wishes to be present is welcome. The Graziers Association will not be present.
Sorry about the short notice!

2 July 2016
Cattle Grids

At the Graziers Association’s request, the cattle grid voting forms were not counted by the Community Council on 30 June 16. The voting forms remain with the Community Council. Both parties are discussing the next step. Updates will follow.

26 June 2016
Cattle Grids
Village Meeting Organised by the Graziers Association

28 residents (9% pop) representing 13% of village households attended a village meeting organised by the Graziers Association. The meeting was Chaired and introduced by members of Llandwrog Community Council. The Graziers gave a presentation related to the installation of one or two cattle grids around the crossroads area. The floor was then opened up for questions directed to The Graziers. There were many questions and comments both positive and negative. The voting forms issued by the Graziers should be returned to the Community Council by 30th June

Cattle Grids
18 June 2016, Saturday

Having received feedback from today’s (18th June) Graziers meeting, Y Fron Development Group would like to make it abundantly clear that we are impartial on the subject of cattle grids in that we neither support nor oppose the Graziers desire to install cattle grids in or around Y Fron. Anything said to the contrary is a blatant misrepresentation of our position.

Y Fron Development Group only acts on behalf of, or with the backing of, village residents. This could be an individual or a group and may be proactive or reactive, all depending upon the circumstances.

Welsh Assembly Elections
The Polling Station for Y Fron for the Welsh Assembly elections on 5th May 2016 will, as usual, be in Ysgol Bronyfoel. The 23 June 2016 EU Referendum, if nothing changes, will also be held here. 

"Litter Picking"
Thursday 18 February 2016
Not helped by high winds and recycling boxes, the ditch in front of the school was filled all the way along with rubbish and the outflow point was blocked with leaves. It all looked terrible, so the committee turned out to clear the rubbish and unblock everything.

Delegation Visit Ypres Welsh Memorial

January 2016

Councillor Dilwyn Lloyd was amongst those on a recent visit to the memorial near Ypres, Belgium, which commemorates those of Welsh decent who died in Battle during the 1914 - 1918 World War. The 'Royal Welch Fusiliers' organised the visit to the memorial, which is in the form of a 'cromlech' surmounted with an 8ft red bronze Welsh Dragon.

Bryn Fferam Quarry

13 August 2015
There will be increased traffic (6 or 7 loads a day) from Bryn Fferam through the village today and tomorrow and perhaps on Monday 17th. The tractor drivers have been instructed to drive slowly through the village as they travel to and from the quarry for a project in Groeslon. 

Road Sign

20 June 2015
The new directional road sign has been installed on the Western entrance road.

Road Sign

17 June 2015
To help deter HGV quarry traffic from using the village route Gwynedd Council have agreed to erect a modern style directional sign clearly showing the way towards Rhosgadfan (for the official quarry entrance). We were hoping to get a sign that specified Moel Tryfan and Alexandra quarries but commercial signs are not permitted.

Crossroads - Man in Yellow Jacket

22 May 2015
A survey was being done today in preparation for resurfacing the section of road along the crossroads land in the Rhosgadfan direction. We understand that the work will be done by Hogans but we don't know when.

School Building Community Plan

2 March 2015
The Business Plan has been submitted to Gwynedd Council. We now await their decision on transferring the school building into Community ownership.You can view the Business Plan here.

Village Improvement Plan

27 February 2015
The Welsh Government's inspection of the crossroads land and school frontage and for "Section 38 Approval for Works on Common Land" has taken place. We now await the Welsh Ministerial decision.You can view the full plan for the crossroads land here. You can view the full plan for the pavement in front of the school here.

Cilgwyn Landfill Site

24 November 2014

The tall structure that has recently appeared on the site is a drilling rig for gas wells. It is part of the gas management system which is working towards definitive closure of the landfill site. Natural Resources Wales (NRW) are keen to see as much benefit from the site as possible. To this end NRW have instructed Gwynedd Council to drill 'Schedule 3 Wells' (very deep wells) to extract as much gas as is practicable. The work will probably be finished by the end of this week.

Quarry Work

21 November 2014

Work has started on the new access track to Moel Tryfan quarry on the Fron to Rhosgadfan road

Drain Cleaning

7 November 2014

The yellow tanker style vehicle seen today at the entrance to the village was not an Arbed vehicle. The 'tanker' was from Gwynedd Council Highways Department and had come to clean out the pipe under the road from the Green to the drain outside Bronallt and running past Haulfryn and Tegfan. It has taken quite some time and much chasing to get this vehicle to Y Fron. The drains are now all cleared and flowing well

Quarry Traffic Through Y Fron

2 September 2014

After discussions between Gwynedd Council Planning Officers and Caernarfonshire Crown Slate Company Limited (CCSQ) there has been an amendment to the planning application C14/0471/17/LL which was detailed on this site on 2 July 2014. The amendment removes that part of the application related to quarry traffic through Y Fron whilst the official access route is re-engineered. A marshalling yard will be provided at the bottom of the old incline on the official route in and out of the quarry and negate the need to access the quarry through Y Fron.

ARBED Update

23 August 2014

There have been a few logistical problems to sort out and it is now expected that work in Fron will start in mid September. The portacabin Site Office installation near the crossroads is planned for 3 September. There may be a short period of disruption to traffic because a crane will be used to off-load and position the portacabin.

Quarry Planning Application - Objection

16 July 2014

On behalf of the residents along the proposed route contained in the planning application detailed 2 July 2014, this Group has lodged an objection with Gwynedd Planning Service. The letter of objection can be viewed here.

ARBED Update

14 July 2014

The base has been laid for Willmott Dixon's site office and the Portacabin is expected to be delivered within the next ten days or so. Pen y Bryn (opposite the green) will be used as the 'show house' and erection of scaffolding towards the end of July will indicate the start of the external work - a boiler has already been installed. Work on the next property in Y Fron is expected to start in early August.

Quarry Planning Application

2 July 2014

We have been notified of a planning application from Caernarvonshire Crown Slate Quarry (CCSQ) to increase its allowance to four lorry loads per day from its current two loads per day. CCSQ is also asking for a variation to allow the lorries to come through the village until the 'official haul route' has been modified. You can see all the details of the application using the 'Track and Trace' facility on Gwynedd Council's website using the application reference C14/0471/17/LL. Comments, observations and objections must be lodged by 21 July and can be done on-line. If you decide to lodge an objection please let us know (via the 'Contact' page), with your details and reasons, so that we can build up a representative view to present to the Planning Committee. The more people we represent the more powerful the argument.

Planning Committee Decisions (Village improvement plans)

7 July 2014

There was one objection to the car parking area and village notice board. Our Chairman attended the meeting and spoke in favour of the project. The objection was rejected by the Planning Committee who voted unanimously in favour of the application. The planning application to level the school sports field was granted without the need to put it before the Planning Committee for a decision. The pavement from Tan y Fron/Bron Eryri to the bus stop shelter, in front of the school, and the hand rail for footpath Number 79 have been reviewed by the appropriate departments within Gwynedd Council and do not require planning permission.


Village Planning Application

1 July 2014

Gwynedd Council have received objections to our planning application for the car parking area and village notice board on the crossroads land. The application will now go to the Planning Committee for a decision. We have invoked our Right to Speak at this meeting in favour of the project. One objector is also allowed to speak.


18 June 2014

A portacabin will soon appear at the crossroads area. This will be the site office for Willmott Dixon when they start work in the village under the ARBED programme

Cattle Grid

10 June 2014

The cattle grid has now been repaired and is much quieter. Thanks go to the Highways Maintenance Department.

Cattle Grid

1 June 2014

In response to our request, a while ago, we have received a notification from Gwynedd Council that a "Works Order" has been issued to repair the noisy cattle grid on the Fron/Rhosgadfan road (the first one as you leave the village).

CCTV - Culverts

1 June 2014

As part of the preparation for the various village improvement projects, a CCTV survey of the highway drainage culverts has been completed by Gwynedd Council. We are awaiting the formal report.


Wednesday 11 June 2014, 3.30pm to 7.00pm

Willmott Dixon will hold a Community Event in Ysgol Bronyfoel to give you detailed information about the ARBED programme. You will be able to find out what is going to happen and how your property fits into the programme.

The Community Event for CARMEL residents is on Wednesday 4 June 2014 in the Carmel Village Hall from 3.00pm to 7.00pm.

Quarry Traffic

29 April 2014

Following several more comments about increasing quarry traffic we have spoken to the Council's Senior Officer for Minerals and he is investigating the situation.

ARBED Update

16 April 2014

Go to the ARBED Programme page and click on the link for the April Update. You will be receiving the update as a letter from Willmott Dixon over the next couple of days.

Quarry Traffic

11 April 2014

Traffic The recent increase in quarry traffic are lorries from Penrhyn quarry. Penrhyn has purchased the slate resulting from the blasting episode in Moel Tryfan in January this year. They have, apparently, been allowed to have five loaded lorries (12 wheelers) a day between the hours of 9.00am and 3.00pm (no official confirmation yet). They are running empty lorries through the village and leave loaded through the other side of the quarry down the old incline. We are told that the planning application for the re-engineering of the official entrance and exit to the quarry, on the Fron/Rhosgadfan road, has been approved but we do not know when work is due to start.

ARBED Programme

7 March 2014

This programme is still active and will definitely be going ahead. As the programme involves large amounts of Welsh Government and European funding there are various design schemes and administrative procedures to complete before the work can start. As frustrating as this may be, the programme is going ahead. RUMOUR! We have been made aware of a rumour going around the village that the owners of the properties benefitting from the ARBED programme will be required to make some sort of payment now or in the future. This is NOT TRUE. There is no requirement for payments or reimbursements of any kind at any time for any work under the ARBED Programme no matter how much is spent on any property.

School Sports Field

31 January 2014

During lots of rain and 40-50mph wind gusts three exploratory holes were dug in the school sports field. We employed Dylan Roberts Fencing Company to dig the holes and Datrys Consulting Engineers did the soil and ground survey. This activity is part of our plan to level the field. 


School Sports Field

29 January 2014

On this coming Friday, 31 January, we will have a mechanical digger in the school sports field. This is in order to dig some exploratory holes as part of the soil and ground works survey so that we know what is involved in levelling the field and sorting out the drainage.



22 January 2014

Sometime over the next few days, probably Friday or Monday, there will be blasting in Moel Tryfan quarry.

In November 2013 there was a large slate fall from one of the quarry walls and that area has now become unsafe. A specialist company, Skelair Limited, will be coming in to blast out the unsafe area. It will most likely be a single blasting event but that will be subject to a post-explosion assessment.


Mobile Phone Signal

8 January 2014

Over the past three or four days there has been a loss of signal for some mobile telephones. The problem was weather related and everything should now be back on line.


High Speed Broadband

7 January 2014 

It has been reported that there is a problem with the fibre optic broadband cable somewhere along the route from Y Fron to the telephone exchange in Penygroes. This problem may be causing a reduction in speed for some customers. A BT engineer has said that speeds should be restored within a week. If this is not the case you should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Village Improvement Plan

3 December 2013

Sometime over the next few days or so you will see more men in yellow coats - this time with theodolites and things. This is the start of the village improvement plan and is part of the comprehensive survey for the projects which are described on the What Are We Doing page.


Grant Funding

28 November 2013

Good News. We have been successful in our bid for grant funding. Cartefi Cymunedol Gwynedd and Mantell Gwynedd have awarded us £9,750 to carry out our Feasibility Study and Survey.


High Speed Broadband Live in Y Fron

22 November 2013

The teething problems with the BT fibre cabinet have now been sorted out and more of you are now connected to high speed broadband.


High Speed Broadband

9 November 2013

BT are having a few teething problems with the fibre optic lines into Y Fron. The six customers already hooked up to fibre may be having a few problems. Those of you waiting for fibre broadband may have to wait a little longer.  It is hoped that all the problems will have been sorted out within two weeks. 


Arbed, Phase 2

30 October 2013

Over the last couple of months many of you will have seen 'men in yellow jackets', from Willmott Dixon Energy Services, walking around the village and studying various houses.

This activity is part of the 'Arbed Phase 2' programme which is a continuing European and Welsh Government funded programme to improve the energy efficiency of homes in Wales

Those of you who may have heard something on the grapevine and those of you who have had contact with the Willmott Dixon engineers may think what you have heard is too good to be true. Well, yes it is true. Have a look at ARBED 2 on the Information page to see what is going on.


High Speed Broadband

21 October 2013

Superfast Broadband is now available in Y Fron. Contact your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) or one of your choice to see if they are providing the Superfast service. It maybe that not all ISPs will have or want access to the new Fibre Optic Superfast Broadband system. The system we have in Y Fron is known as 'Fibre to the Cabinet' (FTTC).


High Speed Broadband

1 October 2013

Power has now been connected to the fibre optics cabinet and, according to the BT man, commissioning is imminent.


Quarry Traffic

1 October 2013

Three more large Carefoot lorries are due in and out of the village this week under the Council's variation order. The major engineering work to the official entrance and exit to Moel Tryfan quarry is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.


High Speed Broadband

29 August 2013

CASS Telecommunications are subcontracted to BT to install the infrastructure for high speed fibre optic broadband. Today they are in Y Fron and have started connecting the fibre optic cables from the new cabinet to the copper cables in the original cabinet by the telephone box. They expect to finish this phase in the next few days and then carry out various tests. The next phase is for BT to commission this part of the infrastructure. There are no firm dates for the commissioning but September is still the target for roll-out of the fibre optic service.


High Speed Broadband

12 Aug 2013

The next phase of Fibre Optic Broadband into Y Fron started today. Any time within the next couple of weeks a second cabinet will appear near the telephone box.


Quarry Traffic

8-10 July 2013

Large (12 wheeler) lorries were reported to be driving through the village and turning up, through Hogan's Yard, towards Moel Tryfan quarry. We contacted the quarry owner who informed us that he had been given a temporary variation by Gwynedd Council to import material to treat the surface of the access track from the Fron/Rhosgadfan road to Moel Tryfan quarry. We contacted the Minerals Officer who confirmed that the temporary variation had been granted. The Minerals Officer had attempted to contact the committee on the previous day to give notice of the situation.


High Speed Broadband

6 July 2013

You will have noticed various contractors working along the Fron/Carmel road. This work is part of the contract between the Welsh Government and BT to provide high speed broadband to 96% of premises in Wales by the end of 2015. The Penygroes exchange is in the process of being upgraded and the fibre optic cables are currently being laid.


The roll-out of superfast broadband from the Penygroes exchange is scheduled to start in September this year. This is classed as "Fibre to the Cabinet". The fibre optic cables will start at the exchange and terminate at the green telecoms cabinet near the telephone box and other distribution points. Other Internet Service Providers (ISP) as well as BT will be able to use these new cables. Once the installation is finished the ISPs will publish the cost of using internet services on this new high speed system.

March 2013

The Betws Garmon Pathways Group organised a meeting in the Council offices to discuss the problem of off-roading in and around Y Fron, Betws Garmon and Waunfawr. In attendance were the following people and organisations:
1.       Hywel Williams MP, Chairman
2.       Lewis Esposito, Betws Garmon Pathways Group
3.       Alun Williams, Uwch Gwyrfai Graziers Association
4.       Nick Smith, Landowner, CCSQ
5.       Gwynfor Pierce Jones, Advisor to CCSQ
6.       Alex Higgins, Constable, North Wales Police
7.       Peter Rutherford, Snowdonia National Park
8.       David Coleman, Gwynedd Council, Access Officer
9.       Euryn Williams, Gwynedd Council, Rights of Way Officer
10.     Molly Lovatt, Countryside Council for Wales
11.     Mike Plant, Fire Service
12.     Dewi Pritchard Jones, Black Powder Club
13.     Dai Lloyd-Evans, Y Fron Development Group
The meeting was opened by explaining the problem of, mainly, off-road motorcycles and the damage and discord they are causing. Four wheel drive vehicles have been a rare occurrence over the past two years or so. The shooting range on Moel Tryfan seems to be a popular meeting point which is accessed through Y Fron by vans loaded with bikes. Most of those present have had experience of off-roaders which ranged from sightings to confrontations. The overall opinion of the meeting was to stop illegal off-roading  on the land radiating out from Moel Tryfan and Mynedd Mawr most of which is common land unit 16. An increased Police action was requested as it is the only organisation which can carry out enforcement.
The outcome of the meeting was for everybody to report every occurrence to the Police 101 number so that there is sufficient reason for the Police to request resources to mount pro-active operations. For detailed information on the law associated with off-roading go to the information page on this site.

April 2012 – May 2013

We have maintained regular contact and discussion with Digital Gwynedd and our Assembly Member to ensure that fringe villages like ours are not excluded from the “Super Fast Broadband” scheme. The scheme is designed to invest in a fibre optic infrastructure  in areas where it would not be profitable for commercial concerns to make the same investment. In mid 2013 fibre optic cables were being laid into Y Fron.

April 2011 - October 2011

Fencing on Mynedd Cilgwyn
Quite some years ago, fencing was erected on the eastern side of Mynedd Cilgwyn to help solve a problem caused by litter being blown around from the Cilgwyn landfill site. Over the years these lengths of fencing had fallen into disrepair. Sections of the wire fencing had collapsed and straining and support wires had broken and were free to wave around in the wind. We requested the removal or repair of the half dozen or so sections of fencing dotted over the hillside. Gwynedd Council carried out remedial work on these fences which was completed by October 2011. The fencing is required to stay in place until some point in time after the capping of the now closed landfill site. We shall monitor the situation.

November 2010 - July 2013
Bus Stop Shelter
In November 2010 we submitted our first request for a bus stop shelter to be erected in Cwm. Llandwrog Community Council have agreed to take on the responsibility for maintenance after the shelter is installed. To date we have been unsuccessful in our bid for the shelter. We shall persevere.

May 20019 - May 2010
Climbing Frame

The Council owned and maintained play park next to the school was a little “tired” and only had basic equipment. We asked the children in Ysgol Bronyfoel what they would like in the play park. The majority vote was for a climbing frame. In due course we were able to acquire a grant of £16,500 from Tir a Môr. After obtaining competitive quotations we gave the children a choice of four climbing frames. The result of their choice is clear to see in the play park. Gwynedd Council agreed to take on the maintenance.
May 2009 - June 2010
Dog Bin

As at May 2009 we only had one dog bin in Y Fron and that was on a pole on the northern entrance road to the village. We received eleven requests for another bin which would be easily accessible to dog walkers’ using the area to the west of the village. We submitted a request to Gwynedd Council in May 2009 and after various telephone calls and follow-up discussions a new bin was installed at the crossroads area on the corner of Tai Bryn Twrog.

September 2009
Notice Board

The notice board outside of the school had become dilapidated and was in danger of collapsing. We spoke with Llandwrog Community Council and they agreed that it was their responsibility and that they would organise the repair. The work was completed within the month. We have plans for a new notice board – see the plans for the crossroads area on the “What are we doing” page.
August 2008 - March 2009
Crossroads Ditch

Sometime in 2007 an enormous ditch was dug, by the Council, across one half of the green crossroads area. We were given to understand that it was to take the water from the new drains that had been installed to take the surface water from the road. The ditch was a metre deep and over a metre wide and at one end an exposed electric cable spanned the ditch. We contacted the Highways Department to ask for a site meeting to discuss what could be done. That meeting took place in September 2008 and we asked for the ditch to be replaced with large diameter pipe and the ditch filled-in. The Council agreed to this resolution and after requesting several progress reports the work was completed in March 2009. In the meanwhile we had contacted Scottish Power and had the exposed cable buried.