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19 March 2017
External Wall Insulation (EWI) 
Re-painting Products.
We now have some information on what can be used for painting the EWI on properties in Y Fron and the colours and costs. Click here to see the information.
As yet, we have no further information on the conditions attached to the guarantee.

20 January 2017

External Wall Insulation Survey - Leeds Beckett University
are conducting a short survey on the effectiveness of the measures taken under the ARBED scheme to improve energy efficiency in domestic properties in Y Fron. If your home is one of them, please would you take 2 or 3 minutes to complete the anonymous survey.
Thank you.

​11 December 2016
Insurance - Arbed

We have had confirmation that the insurance backed guarantee is still valid but is no longer with the liquidated 'Enterprise Insurance Company' in Malta. Please see the 'Supply of Services Agreement' and 'Consumer Response' letters via the buttons on the right.

25 November 2016
Notice of Liquidation
Those of you who have had External Wall Insulation (EWI) under the Arbed scheme will have received one of these letters about the Liquidation of an insurance company in Malta.
This is about an insurance policy held by W F Clayton & Co. Ltd, which is the company that installed the EWI. It would seem that in their insurance policy they have nominated each property where they installed EWI - hence the reason we all had a copy of the letter. As far as we know there are no properties in Y Fron which are the subject of a claim under the guarantee issued by W F Clayton and underwritten by the insurance company in Liquidation.
Also, as far as we know and from looking at Companies House records, W F Clayton is still trading and it is they who will need to make a claim to the Liquidator and then rearrange their insurance to cover their guarantee for EWI installations. We will investigate further.

17 November 2015
We have recently spoken to Gwynedd Council Building Control and Willmott Dixon. The remaining Part L Building Control Certificates for properties in Y Fron should all be delivered to Willmott Dixon by the end of this week. The delay has been caused by the sheer number of certificates required for Y Fron and Carmel as well as elsewhere in Gwynedd. Those of you who have had your Home Owner Pack delivered without the certificate will receive it in the mail. The remaining packs, complete with certificate, will be delivered by hand to you over the next two or three weeks.  

5 November 2015
We have, again, spoken to Willmott Dixon to chase up the Homeowner Packs with guarantees and information for the work done under the ARBED scheme in Y Fron.
Some packs have, apparently, been delivered but there are 31 properties in Y Fron which have not received the pack. This may be because a Building Control Completion Certificate has not yet been issued by Gwynedd Council.
If you have not received your Homeowner Pack please let us know via the "Contact Us" page and we will try and chase these certificates. Please make sure you include your house name or number and your Post Code.

1 October 2015
We have, again, spoken to Willmott Dixon about the 'Home Owner Pack'. There is still a delay in acquiring the bulk of the 'Building Certificates' to complete the Packs before they are issued. Willmott Dixon are pursuing the matter.

1 September 2015

Today we have spoken to Willmott Dixon and the ARBED team to check on the progress of the 'Home Owner's Pack' and the various guarantees for the works carried out in Y Fron.
There is still a delay in consolidating all the paperwork but we have not been forgotten. Building Control certificates are expected within the next week or so and this will allow the completion of the 'Home Owner's Packs' for Y Fron and Carmel. They will be hand delivered and will contain the guarantees and fact sheets for the work carried out on your property and any installed items e.g. boilers, fans, windows.

A questionnaire will also be included in the pack which will allow you to highlight any problems you might still have with the work on your property. Whoever hand delivers your Pack will assist you with the questionnaire

17 June 2015

There is still some confusion and disorganisation with the various ARBED forms and guarantees and sorting out various problems and snags. There are some Willmott Dixon people going around at the moment trying to finalise everything so please be patient!

When everything has finally been completed every participating property in Y Fron will be provided with a ‘Home Owner’s Pack’ which will contain the guarantees for all the work done under the Arbed programme.

Please make a written list of any problems or concerns you may have with the work carried out on your property so that when 'An Inspector Calls' you will not forget anything.

13 April 2015
The Arbed programme in Y Fron is nearing completion. Although the porta-cabins have gone from the crossroads area the Willmott Dixon office in Carmel will still be around for another two months or so, until everything has been finalised.

If it has not happened already, you will get a visit from an ‘inspector of works’ to iron out any snags or problems. When the inspections have been completed a Willmott Dixon representative will visit every participating property in Y Fron and provide a ‘Home Owner’s Pack’ which will contain the guarantees for all the work done under the Arbed programme.

Please make a written list of any problems or concerns you may have with the work carried out on your property so that when 'An Inspector Calls' you will not forget anything.

14 September 2014

Work has started on the ARBED 'Show House' and the site office portacabin is in place.

                   L-R - John Tucker, Operations Manager - Ross Powell, our Treasurer - Huw Hughes, Senior Site Manager

£1,053 Donted by Willmott Dixon Energy Services

15 September 2014

Willmott Dixon Energy Services, who are heading up the ARBED project in this area, have donated £1,053 to the Village Improvement Project to cover our planning application fees and the costs involved in our application for Welsh Ministerial permission to carry out works on common land. We are really grateful for this very generous donation towards our plans to improve the look of the village. ARBED Activity 14 September 2014 Work has started on the ARBED 'Show House' and the site office portacabin is in place.

11 June 2014

Willmott Dixon held a Community Event in Ysgol Bronyfoel, from 3.30pm to 7.00pm, to give detailed information about the ARBED programme. 63 property owners attended the event.

Phase 1 of the programme will involve 100 properties and will start towards the end of July 2014. Phase 2 will be for the remaining properties and is expected to start in October. Willmott Dixon will be setting up a site office in a portacabin near the crossroads.  

December 2013

7 March 2014

The ARBED programme is still active and will definitely be going ahead. As the programme involves large amounts of Welsh Government and European funding there are various design schemes and administrative procedures to complete before the work can start. As frustrating as this may be, the programme is going ahead.

RUMOUR! We have been made aware of a rumour going around the village that the owners of the properties benefitting from the ARBED programme will be required to make some sort of payment now or in the future. This is NOT TRUE. There is no requirement for payments or reimbursements of any kind at any time for any work under the ARBED programme no matter how much is spent on any property. ARBED should not be confused with the Government's 'Green Deal' which does require repayment via your energy bill.

ARBED Programme in Y Fron