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From now on, follow progress of the project on the dedicated Facebook pages and the website

13 November 2017
Canolfan Y Fron Community Project

Things are moving on a pace with the construction phase and we are still aiming to be open in Spring 2018. Follow the progress on the Canolfan Facebook link below the main menu. 

We started the project under the banner of the Development Group but once we were through to Stage 2 of our Lottery application and the subsequent award of funding we became involved in things like VAT and Corporation Tax and started using the services of a solicitor and an accountant. The Canolfan will be a trading business so it was necessary for us to become a registered company with the attendant governance of the Companies Act. After taking advice from the Wales CoOp and our accountant it was decided to set up the legal entity Canolfan Y Fron Limited as a not-for-profit company with a Board of nine voluntary Directors. Once we are up and running there will also be a membership scheme.

Albeit with, mostly, the same people the Development Group and Canolfan Y Fron are now two separate legal entities. To this end a Facebook page was set up exclusively for the evolving Canolfan project and, eventually, a website will be produced to show all the facilities and amenities which will be on offer and the activities and events which will be taking place. It will also be the site for a global booking portal for the accommodation and a showcase for our history and heritage.

The Development Group will continue to focus on outside spaces.

2 August 2017
Please see the following response to an email sent last night to the Y Fron Development Group, who forwarded it to the Chair of Canolfan Y Fron, which is the company established to take the project forward.

Email enquiry:
Hi all I'm hearing some bad press about the committee of Y Fron in that local people are not being used for the building work to be carried out on the old school and that a south Wales firm has the contract personally I'm with them as local work should remain local

Canolfan Y Fron response:
Canolfan Y Fron is a completely independent company limited by guarantee, run by a voluntary Board of 9 Directors, all of whom live in Y Fron.

The 'bad press' about the renovation being undertaken by non-local people is just false.

GMC Construction Group is a 25 year old North Wales company, who are currently doing work for Cyngor Gwynedd and CCG, as well as ourselves. The project is being run by Mike Banks from the GMC office in Caernarfon and he is from Pwllheli.

As a group we have always insisted that every local trades persons be given an opportunity to be involved and benefit from the project. We held a 'meet the buyer' event last Thursday where GMC was in the building to meet potential suppliers. This was well advertised on the Development Group Facebook page, on the website and also emailed to the entire Group list. We also sent direct invitations to every potential supplier we could think of. Additionally there was an article in the Caernarfon and Denbigh weekly paper which highlighted the opportunity.

The Site Manager is Aled Lewis, and he is there during normal construction working hours to meet and speak with any potential supplier who may have missed the meeting. GMC is used to working with apprentices and others and assists in meeting qualifications and so on.

So it is a local company doing the work and they are looking for local people to help them carry it out and benefit from it. I have attached a picture of Aled and the notice from the Facebook page listing what GMC are looking for.

Jim Embrey
Chair, Canolfan Y Fron

19 July 2017
Canolfan Y Fron Community Project

Everything is now in place and all funding has been secured. Construction and refurbishment will start on Monday 31st July. Follow the construction on our Facebook page.

30 June 2017

More Good News for the village and Canolfan Y Fron
We have just received confirmation that our application to the Welsh Government’s Community Facilities Programme (CFP) has been successful and we have been awarded £195,000 to complement the BIG Lottery funding. This means that the Option 2 full specification for Canolfan Y Fron can now be implemented.
Gareth Morris Construction Ltd. has been selected as the contractor for the refurbishment and construction.  It is planned for work to start on site towards the end of July.

​18 May 2017
Activity at Canolfan Y Fron (Hen Ysgol Bronyfoel)

Over the last few weeks you will have seen people going in and out of the school, men on ladders and various vehicles coming and going.
This is all preparatory work for the main construction phase which will hopefully start in early July. After a pre-qualification process the invitation to tender for the project has gone out to five construction companies and is due for return in early June. This will be followed by a prescribed assessment process to select the successful contractor.
We have replaced the old intruder alarm with a modern system which is connected to a 24 hour monitoring centre. The old analogue CCTV cameras have been replaced with digital cameras to monitor the area within the boundary walls. This should all be fully up and running by the end of the day.
Canolfan Y Fron Limited (by guarantee) with its voluntary Board of Directors is currently a dormant company which will go live, from a VAT and construction point of view, in a few weeks time. Lots of activity is also going on behind the scenes to organise all the policies, procedures and systems which need to be in place before we start trading in Spring 2018.

26 March 2017

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

A notice was published on the Sell2Wales website to invite companies to register an interest in being invited to tender for the refurbishment and construction phase of the Canolfan Y Fron Community Project. Today is the deadline for registering an interest along with a completed questionnaire. We have received completed questionnaires from seven construction companies. We will now score these submissions and then invite these companies to interview before we decide on a short list of companies to be invited to tender. 

10 February 2017


Come and look at the final plans, ask questions, see the internal layout and make suggestions.
In the school on Monday 13th February at 18.00hrs.

15 November 2016

Village Community Project
When will things start happening?
1.We have an induction meeting with the Lottery in mid-November. (COMPLETED)
2. Complete VAT registration.
3. The Lease is finalised from Gwynedd Council.
4. Insure the building
5. Prepare the detailed designs for the Invitation to Tender.
6. The contractor selection process.
7. Spring 2017 - construction work commences.
8. During the construction phase - policies and procedures put in place, training, staff selection, furnishings acquired.
9. Spring 2018 - Project completion.

12 October 2016

Lottery Decision

Great news! The Lottery came to visit us yesterday to say our Community Project application has been approved and we have been awarded £946,851.00.

It has been a challenging Journey over the past 2 years - but what a result! We now have a great team and we look forward to exciting things for Y Fron in the future

13 June 2016
Planning Committee Approval

Today the Planning Committee unanimously approved the full plans for the conversion of  Ysgol Bronyfoel into a Community Centre with a supporting tourism accommodation unit. They thought it was an excellent project and wished us every success.

13 June 2016
Final result of consultations carried out during 2016



6 June 2016
Local objections have been raised in an effort to stop the Community Project going ahead. The planning application now has to go before the Full Planning Committee for discussion and a decision. This will take place next week on Monday 13 June.
If you support the project we would be grateful if you would click on the link button below  and show your support to the Planning Committee. (Link Removed)

11 May 2016
The Big Lottery application for funding to renovate the school for community use was submitted today. This is an application to the Community Asset Transfer Programme which is specifically for the purpose of saving public buildings for community use rather than being sold on the open market or falling into disrepair or dereliction. Amongst many other things, the application has to show that the project is self financing, energy efficient and sustainable into the future. The Lottery's decision will be made known in the Autumn.

1 May 2016
All the plans and surveys are now complete and have been submitted to the Planning Department. We are pursuing two sources of funding for the project and the first application has been submitted to the Welsh Government's Community Facilities Programme. The second application is to the Big Lottery Fund and is due to be submitted by 11th May.
Most of the surveys have revealed that the school building is in reasonable condition with no serious problems with asbestos, wood rot or wildlife occupants.
The structural survey found that the west wing roof is sagging and supported by a trussing system not acceptable to Building Control. The west wing roof will, therefore, need to be replaced.
The drainage survey has proved to be quite a task. CCTV examination showed a large amount of debris (mainly many years worth of mud and stones) in all the pipework and two manhole chambers in the south west corner of the playground but with no visible covers on the surface. After various excavations the covers were eventually discovered 6 inches below the tarmac surface. It was also necessary to expose the main sewer pipe in the sports field and construct a new manhole chamber. 

10 November 2015
More good news. We have been invited to submit a Stage 2 application to the Big Lottery for our Village Community Project (school building). This is a competitive application so it does not guarantee that we will receive the major funding we need for the project.

The Big Lottery has awarded us £50,000 to help us develop our Stage 2 application (technical plans, surveys, accountant, solicitor, development manager, etc.). This will all start straight away to prepare for the application deadline of 11 May 2016. The Big Lottery will provide us with lots of help and advice throughout the development phase.

21 September 2015
Our first piece of good news. In our Stage 1 CAT2 Lottery application we indicated that we would be applying to the Welsh Government’s Community Facilities Programme (CFP) for additional funding in the region of £195,000. We are very happy to report that our Expression of Interest has been accepted and we have been invited to submit a full application to the CFP.

21 May 2015
“Big Lottery Fund” and the Village Community Plan
A Community Centre  with a supporting Bunkhouse business.

The application for Stage One has been submitted by the deadline with just 26 minutes to spare. We now have to wait any time up to November to hear if we are invited to submit a Stage 2 application. See more. You can also view the Business Plan and the architects two layout option using the links below:

                           Business Plan           Option 1 Plan         Option 2 plan

11 May 2015
School Building Community Plan
On 5th May, Gwynedd Council offered the village a lease on the school building. However, the offer came with the strict condition that we must only get our funding from this round of the Big Lottery Fund. The deadline for applications is 20th May! With the Council’s decision coming so late it is a really tough challenge. We already have a lot prepared but we could not go ahead with the architect, quantity surveyor and building survey until we had a positive response from the Council.

We have our committee and its volunteer members to manage the Community Centre when it becomes a reality - 2017 if everything goes well. If you would also like to be art of the management team or are prepared to help out in the Community Centre, please contact us.

12 January 2015
School Building Community Plan

Following on from the 'Village Vote' a business plan is now being prepared to present to Gwynedd Council in a bid to acquire the school building as a Community Centre and supporting business venture. As part of the business plan we need to get more detailed information from everyone in Y Fron so we will soon be putting another questionnaire through your letter box or you will be able to complete the online version when it is ready. We will send an e-mail notification to those of you who have provided us with your e-mail address.

Village Vote Results 11 December 2014
'School Building Community Plan'

                148 Occupied and Post Coded households in Y Fron

                 95 (64%) households voted - 29 of them online
                 86 (58%) households voted 'FOR' the plan
                  3 (2%) households voted 'AGAINST' the plan
                  6 (4%) households registered 'NO INTEREST'
                 90% of the vote is in favour of the Community Plan

12 December 2014
The results of the village vote were announced at the AGM on Thursday 11 December 2014. With the majority vote in favour of the Community Plan (see results above) it was decided that the Committee will proceed with a business plan for retaining the school building and the school sports field for community use with the school building as a Village Community Centre.

We have to show that our village Community Centre will be used by residents who will contribute to the day to day running of the Centre by using the facilities which will be provided and taking part in activities and events. As an add-on to the Community Centre we will need some sort of income generating activity to build up financial reserves for capital expenditure and act as a financial safety net.

Ross Powell, our Treasurer, and Jim Embrey, an enthusiastic volunteer, will set up a sub-committee with Jim taking the lead on the Business Plan. The activity of the sub-committee will be shown on this COMMUNITY PLAN page.

They are not true unless the information comes via this website or from one of our leaflets through your door or directly to your face from one of the Committee members.