Grŵp  Datblygu  Y  FRON  Development Group

1 November 2014 Saturday
Open Day
10.30 - 14.00. The ‘Open Day’ meeting was attended by approximately 30 people excluding committee members and helpers. About the same numbers of questionnaires were returned. There were quite a few suggestions about things to do with the school and several offers of help with minor aspects. There were no offers to become part of a dedicated team to do the legwork and groundwork research required to produce a business plan for a community centre and bunkhouse and to become part of the management team once the school has been acquired. (See the 'Canolfan Y Fron Community Project' page for further activity after this date).

22 October 2014

School closure. Shall we do anything with the school?

Only 20 people turned up at the meeting in the school on 21st October and the outcome was not very positive.

If you want the village improvement plan to go ahead and you want to keep the school for village use then we have to show our Grant Funding sources and Gwynedd Council that we have the support of the majority of village residents.

We will give it one last chance. We need majority support or NOTHING will happen!

There will be a Village Open Day in the school from 10.30am to 2.00pm on Saturday 1st November when you can drop-in to see what is happening in the village. Pop in and have an informal chat over a cuppa. Put ideas and suggestions on the board or to a committee member. Chat with your neighbours. What do you miss about village life? What do you want to see in the village? Be included in your village.

Free refreshments will be provided. Tea, coffee, biscuits and cake.

Over the weekend of 25th and 26th of October the village committee will deliver to every household in Y Fron a leaflet with details of the Open Day and a questionnaire. It is your village and your choices so please complete the questionnaire and bring it with you on the 1st November or if you really cannot come on that day get somebody to bring it for you.

Closure of Ysgol Bronyfoel

1 May 2014

A Village Public Meeting was held to discuss what might happen after the school closes in September 2015. Click here to see a summary of the meeting.


The decision has been made and Ysgol Bronyfoel will close at the end of September 2015. What will happen to the school? We are given to understand that the school buildings will be offered to our community - though nothing official yet.

The village of Y Fron needs to decide if it wants to come up with a plan to use the school for something or let Gwynedd Council make its own decision on the future use of the building or the site.

No village plan = no choice in what happens.

If we decide to use it ourselves we must come up with an income generating plan which is acceptable to Gwynedd Council. To be successful we will ALL need to show some level of commitment. This committee needs the experience and expertise of others. If you have an opinion please let us know via the Contact Page or via our e-mail address