3 February 2018
Village Improvement - Disappointing News for Y Fron

Disappointingly our Lottery People & Places application for the outside spaces in Y Fron was unsuccessful. On this occasion there was no invitation to resubmit and it was suggested we look for other funders. After five years of work, during which so many of you have supported and stuck by us, it is deflating to say the least.
However, we will persist and when our other Lottery project, Canolfan Y Fron, is up and running we will look for new sources of funding. If we can do that we will start the process all over again. The technical bits like plans, surveys and Deed will remain valid so that will help. Thank you for your patience over the course of this project - and what is to come.

1 September 2017

Stage 2 Lottery Application

Due to repeated "interventions" by the 'Friends of Fron' (two declared members) the Lottery asked us to amend our Constitution on, mainly, membership and voting procedures. Unfortunately this meant we had to temporarily withdraw our application at the last minute until the amended Constitution was adopted by the Group's membership. Hence the recent EGM on 30th August when the Constitution was adopted and is now with the Lottery. Our application is being fast tracked to the next sitting of Lottery Decision Panel. There is no guarantee that we will be successful in being awarded funding of the requested £250,000. We should hear the decision in the New Year of 2018.

1 February 2017

Stage 2 Lottery Application

The application and supporting documentation has been submitted today.

8 August 2016

Stage 2 Lottery Application

Great news! Today we have been invited to submit a Stage 2 Full Application to the People & Places Lottery Fund. A lot more work to do now. We will probably be sending out yet another questionnaire. Although you must be fed-up with all the questionnaire for the Community Project, please bear with us as we may have to collect more information to show the need and the support. The Stage 2 application has to be submitted by 6 February 2017 and it can take up to six months for the Lottery to reach their decision.

7 July 2016

Stage 1 Lottery Application

We completed our second re-submission today. There has been a delay in getting this ready as we were heavily involved with preparing and submitting our Stage 2 CAT 2 Lottery application for the Community project - which was successful.

8 January 2016

Stage 1 Lottery Application

Unfortunately our re-submission has also been unsuccessful. Again, we have been invited to resubmit the application with clarifications in certain areas. We are not allowed to submit any supporting documentation in this phase and describing the need and support for the project has been difficult. We will resubmit.

5 December 2015

Stage 1 Lottery Application

Our application was resubmitted with the additional information requested by the Lottery.

19 October 2015

Stage 1 Lottery Application

Unfortunately our application was unsuccessful on this occasion. However, we have been invited to re-submit the application with some additional information about the plans and outcomes.

12 September 2015

Stage 1 Lottery Application

The application to the People & Places Lottery fund was submitted today

26 June 2015
Village Improvement Project
Today we received the Welsh Ministers' decision on our Section 38 Works on Common Land application. Apart from a couple of acceptable amendments everything else has been approved. We can now go forward and try to secure funding for the project. You can view the Decision Notice here. Page 16 of the report consolidates the final approvals.

21 May 2015
Village Improvement Plan
We still await the Welsh Ministerial decision on our Section 38 (Works on Common Land) application which was submitted 9 months ago. We have had the on-site visit by the appointed inspector and we have agreed to a couple of compromises as a result of the Graziers' objections to the entire plan. We have no idea of what we will or won't be able to do, if anything. You can view the various plans by clicking on the blue buttons.

1 January 2015

Tender Process

The survey for the Village Improvement project is now complete. An 'Invitation to Tender' has been sent out to various local contractors. The tenders will be returned by the end of January and Datrys Consulting Engineers will scrutinise the submissions and advise us which tender offers best value for money. Once this has been completed and we know the total cost we will then make an application to an appropriate grant funding source. We will be assisted in this by our local Regeneration Officer. 

20 October 2014

Graziers Association Objection

The Graziers Association have objected to part of our plan for the crossroads land and have made representation to the Welsh Government Planning Inspectorate for the installation of a cattle grid and for refusal of the car parking area. The Graziers Association submission can be viewed here. Our response to the Welsh Government can be viewed here. The crossroads plan can be viewed here. See 14 August entry below for other documentation.

15 September 2014

£1,053 Donated by Willmott Dixon Energy Services

Willmott Dixon Energy Services, who are heading up the ARBED project in this area, have donated £1,053 to the Village Improvement Project to cover our planning application fees and the costs involved in our application for Welsh Ministerial permission to carry out works on common land. We are really grateful for this very generous donation towards our plans to improve the look of the village. ARBED Activity 14 September 2014 Work has started on the ARBED 'Show House' and the site office portacabin is in place.

14 August 2014

Part of the village improvement plan requires Welsh Ministerial consent under Section 38 of the Commons Act 2006. We are required to issue a Pubic Notice describing the works and make other documents available to anyone who wishes to see them. The Notice has been published in the 14 August edition of the Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald and the 13 August edition of the Bangor & Anglesey Mail and has been sent to each active grazier, Cadw, Natural Resources Wales, Open Spaces Society and others who have a specific interest in the land. The full plans are available to view on this site and in Caernarfon Library until 30 September 2014. You can view documents by clicking on the links below.

1. Public Notice

2. Letter to Right of Common Holders

3. Letter to Residents with Right of Access

4. Section 38 Application Form

5. Site Plan - consolidated

6. Site Plan - aerial view

7. Full Crossroads Area Plan

8. Register Map Section F

1 July 2014

The survey is now complete and the appropriate aspects of the project have been submitted to Gwynedd Council Planning Service. Commons Act 2006 Section 38 approval is now in the pre-application phase with the Welsh Government. Unfortunately we have had to abandon one of the five projects. Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd have declined permission to mount the slate truck on their land and Dŵr Cymru imposed certain conditions.

31 January 2014

During lots of rain and 40-50mph wind gusts three exploratory holes were dug in the school sports field. We employed Dylan Roberts Fencing Company to dig the holes and Datrys Consulting Engineers did the soil and ground survey. This activity is part of our plan to level the field. 


21 January 2014

The village improvement plan is progressing. The topographic survey has been completed and we are now gathering the survey details and the various permissions we will require for the work for all five projects.

Currently we are working on the technical aspects for the improvement of the drainage on and around the crossroads area.

On Monday 20 January we had a site meeting with Gwynedd Council and Dŵr Cymru, both of whom are being extraordinarily helpful and supportive.

Various culverts and ditches need to be cleared and improved to ensure we can control the water flow and volume from the improved drainage.

The survey for all five projects is complex and involves much more work before we reach the "Invitation to Tender" stage - probably around July this year. We will keep you updated.


14 January 2014

We have been fortunate to receive further Grant Funding of £810 from Snowdonia National Park


12 December 2013

The topographic survey was completed today.


28 November 2013

Our bid for grant funding was successful and Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd and Mantell Gwynedd have awarded us £9,750.


1 October 2013

Our grant application for the 'Feasibility Study and Survey' has been submitted. We must now wait until sometime in November to see if we have been successful.

At the moment we have several projects we are progressing. Some of them are to do with the look of the village and others are to provide useful facilities. Click on the buttons at the bottom of this page to see more detail. The crossroads area and the school field are our major projects. Phase One is a feasibility study and survey to ensure we can do the things we want to do. Phase One is being financed by Grant Funding. We then need to produce detailed plans and specifications to submit planning applications and then go out to tender.

Village Improvement

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